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Description: This paper expatiated on the chief performance of OPNET and it s network hierarchical model mecha2 nism. The design and simulation of two model s of networks2Aloha and CSMA according to OPNET was fulfilled. The ex2 periment result s indicate that CSMA
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 375KB | Author: 2007zhuwenjuan | Hits: 7


Description: Working with opnet software
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 186KB | Author: ns_alizadeh | Hits: 2


Description: wireless network simulation wit opnet software
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 163KB | Author: ns_alizadeh | Hits: 6

[Other Bookstut_wireless

Description: With the Wireless module, OPNET can model both terrestrial and satellite radio systems. In this tutorial, you will use Modeler and Wireless modeling to create a radio network you will also observe variations in the quality of received signal that
Platform: Others | Size: 192KB | Author: mike_sof | Hits: 10


Description: OPNET This model compares the effect of prioritizing CBR traffic over VBR traffic.
Platform: C++ | Size: 422KB | Author: mike_sof | Hits: 11


Description: This model demonstrates several features of OPNET s custom animation
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 77KB | Author: mike_sof | Hits: 1


Description: Model for Opnet. Use this model to generate traffic between source and destination pairs. The resultant traffic file can then be imported into the networks to mimic traffic patterns and represent background loading on a network
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 92KB | Author: mike_sof | Hits: 8


Description: tutorialis for opnet sim
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 142KB | Author: cheerfulpann | Hits: 2


Description: wirelss tutorial for opnet simulation
Platform: C++ Builder | Size: 195KB | Author: cheerfulpann | Hits: 4


Description: simulation of wireless network using opnet tutorials simulation of wireless network using opnet tutorials
Platform: C++ | Size: 827KB | Author: cheerfulpann | Hits: 9


Description: this is good introduction to OPNET
Platform: PDF | Size: 88KB | Author: first_ayman | Hits: 1

[Speech/Voice recognition/combineLab_6

Description: OPNET antenna_test
Platform: matlab | Size: 282KB | Author: 165620131 | Hits: 8


Description: OPNET baseline
Platform: DOS | Size: 114KB | Author: 165620131 | Hits: 5

[software engineeringLab_Exercices_Modeler

Description: OPNET Modeler Development of laboratory exercises based on OPNET Modeler
Platform: PDF | Size: 2187KB | Author: prateekchaturvedi1 | Hits: 5


Description: The objective is to design and implement a simple Flow Control Protocol with OPNET
Platform: Others | Size: 219KB | Author: siguang1984 | Hits: 6


Description: Aodv research and simulation on OPNET
Platform: Others | Size: 1147KB | Author: siguang1984 | Hits: 20


Description: OPNET custom routing protocol code, including discription documents.
Platform: Others | Size: 2912KB | Author: siguang1984 | Hits: 33


Description: nodes send packets opnet, are point-to-point transmission for the source node to send the code
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 920KB | Author: xiafanhanxin | Hits: 9


Description: opnet。 count the packets received from two source, one is send packets in the constant speed ,another is send packets in the expontional speed.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2KB | Author: baohuandemeil | Hits: 39


Description: OPNET environment modeling AODV Routing Protocol
Platform: Others | Size: 526KB | Author: wss_1984 | Hits: 36
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