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[Other systemscsSnake

Description: C complete instances of snake game, function a lot, to support the game Settings, such as snake body color and food color Settings, the game difficulty choice, points and rookie, big bird, old bird, from the nue four levels, etc.Game process, timely according to integral, the game control: adws for or direction control key, the Spaces to suspend.On the basis of this can be on the secondary development, in order to make the gluttony snake game function more complete.
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[Other systemscscomjc

Description: Primary interfaces and inheritance of the source code examples, C C example of comparative basis, suitable for novice C reference.Define interfaces IPerson, defining interfaces said exercise every day to work work work, method statement DoWork, said the Person do the work, method statement DoExcerisek, said the Person exercise, declare method Study, said students learning Chinese courses, method statement UsaStudy, said the student to Study the curriculum, create subclasses, derived from the Person class, realize IDoubleBachelor interface UsaBachelor method...
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[Other systemscsdocnotepad

Description: More than a document text editor.
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[Other systemsToolStripDemo

Description: C use ToolStrip find files source code, can be set up to find range and choose a style options, such as whole or faster.
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[Other systemscsBinaryIO

Description: C how to operate the binary file reading and writing?Written to the file in binary mode, read files in binary way, the source will tell you the answer, running effect as shown in debugging screenshots.
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[Other systemsStreamRW

Description: C StreamWriter StreamReader usage example: reading and writing files, can be read literally, StreamWriter had to read the file, while the StreamReader is used for writing files, the two examples of course is a very basic file operations, in other programs, called FSO function, in C, it is equally important.
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[Other systemscsTestControl

Description: C development ASP.NET applicable date picker controls, 24 paintings of WEB control library (v2.0.0), the control libraries now contains two controls: date selection control.Some Bug: when used in control on the frame of the page will be wrong: the "parent. The event object is empty or not"
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[Other systemsContextMenu

Description: C to add the right-click menu form, generating MyContextMenu. DLL, the need to add to the right of the window to introduce led a DLL component, method of use: executive reg. Bat registration can be achieved.
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[Other systemskechengmg

Description: SQL database version C teacher curriculum management system, which is a management course, involving students, curriculum and so on more than one role.
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[Other systemscsdesktopTools

Description: C IP query city, small calendar lunar conversion tool, add code, in addition to the weather forecast function, but the weather forecast this function now seems to fail, because of a previous url target site no principle stay where, however, may be interested in study, the code can communicate with each other, you can be secondary development.Feel quite simple, so didn't write too much comment, eventually plans to use the plug-in mechanism to realize the extension of the program.
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[Other systemsHtmlCodeColor

Description: C intelligent identification function grammar and highlighting code, C code coloring adapter, can for/with / / and / * * / type annotation shading, as / / / type annotation shading, display code for folding HtmlTable framework, the key word in a line of source code coloring, clear in the string being shaded keywords, to annotation shading, for example, in C, including / / /, / / and / * * / comments and code support folding display, indentation, etc.This sample program compiled generated CN. Teddy. Util. HtmlCodeColor. DLL files, cooperate AxInterop. SHDocVw. DLL, Interop. SHDocVw. DLL, can not use any images, keyword syntax highlighting function complete C code.
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[Other systemscscharts

Description: C read the database to generate the histogram (column chart), the database part no, includes only code section, with annotations in the code, if your projects need to generate cylindrical chart, this code may be can help to you, the previous chart shows are manually specify the test data, dynamic data is read from the database in this instance, with the usual closer to the project application.
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