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Last Uploaded
Intro : 基于qt creator 编译器做的QListWidget 控件案例
Size : 6.53kb | Publisher : Bowe**** (Bonus 20 Coins)

[physical calculationRotex
Intro : Liutex源码,供交流学习。 This file is part of OpenFOAM
Size : 2.4kb | Publisher : guaj**** (Bonus 20 Coins)

Intro : UG-Final-Year-Project-master
Size : 12.83kb | Publisher : here.senthil (Bonus 20 Coins)

Intro : S8-PROJECT-main matlab source code
Size : 23.56kb | Publisher : here.senthil (Bonus 20 Coins)

[GUI Developmfoc
Intro : MFOC is an open source implementation of "offline nested" attack by Nethemba. Later was added so called "hardnested" attack by Carlo Meijer and Roel Verdult. This program allow to recover authentication keys from MIFARE
Size : 135.33kb | Publisher : zhuigancc (Bonus 20 Coins)

Intro : MATLAB_4wheel_simulation-master
Size : 1.7mb | Publisher : here.senthil (Bonus 20 Coins)

[ConsoleUPX 4.2.4
Intro : UPX is a free, secure, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several executable formats.
Size : 2.36mb | Publisher : afhvyehyy (Bonus 20 Coins)

Intro : .NET debugger and assembly editor
Size : 50.92kb | Publisher : afhvyehyy (Bonus 20 Coins)

Intro : DDPG从matlab转C,DDPG从matlab转C,DDPG从matlab转C,DDPG从matlab转C
Size : 4.61mb | Publisher : zgq11***** (Bonus 20 Coins)

Intro : RC_pult_4_home_gase_counter Weixine
Size : 1.11mb | Publisher : vaz2121 (Bonus 20 Coins)

[Linux-UnixAT91RM9200 29lv160d FLASH utility
Intro : flash write utility for AT91RM9200
Size : 148.94kb | Publisher : nicomp1118 (Bonus 20 Coins)

[Linux-UnixMCI tests
Intro : Compiling 'MCI tests' using GNU development tool
Size : 147.11kb | Publisher : nicomp1118 (Bonus 20 Coins)
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