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Description: CSMA/CD simulation code, Gigabit Ethernet previous versions used to compete for a unified approach, in order to decide on the right of media access, which relates to the backoff algorithm. OPNET environment can be achieved through the experience card.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 119KB | Author: cquptliuhui | Hits: 119

[Windows DevelopKeynote

Description: opnet work 2005 part of the contents and experimental
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 2951KB | Author: zengjie516 | Hits: 20


Description: First introduced Ad hoc network routing protocols designed several strategies, and then introduces several typical Ad hoc routing protocol,
Platform: Others | Size: 335KB | Author: senlin_lin5921 | Hits: 43

[Other systemsnist_aodv_model

Description: Ad hoc network routing protocols AODV source code can be run in OPNET 8.1-10.0-Mobile Ad hoc Networks AODV source code, OPNET runs in the 8.1-10.0
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 301KB | Author: xdb | Hits: 128


Description: Based on OPNET in the 188-220c protocol simulation model to achieve
Platform: C++ | Size: 53KB | Author: jianyaonie | Hits: 8


Description: OPNET network simulation of electronic books, is very clear, internal communication version
Platform: Others | Size: 5468KB | Author: jt_hao | Hits: 46

[Other systemsffskgopnet115

Description: opnet 11.5 crack, 8.0,1.0 can be used on their own experiments have
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 45KB | Author: jt_hao | Hits: 46


Description: OPNET wireless simulation PPT + source code Study hard
Platform: Others | Size: 860KB | Author: lihui6626 | Hits: 147


Description: Opnet modeler USES documentation. Specifically, network simulation technology is a model of network equipment, link and protocol, and simulates network flow The amount of the transmission of the network design or optimization of the network performance dat
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 5465KB | Author: greapp | Hits: 13

[3G developkernel-aodv_v2.2.2

Description: opnet- wireless mobile AD HOC networks routing protocol code-aodv- Simulation source
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 54KB | Author: lgs | Hits: 290

[Graph programadhoc

Description: ADHOC networks based on OPNET
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3058KB | Author: xuena609 | Hits: 166


Description: This code is used for the opnet's aloha protocol simulation code
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 3KB | Author: xuena609 | Hits: 34


Description: The common RFID network model is established on OPNET platform and the main standard of RFID in UHF frequency band The ALOHA anti-collision algorithm of 150180(X) a 6 is simulated.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 382KB | Author: sjzwyh | Hits: 56


Description: Beijing Institute of Technology professor theses
Platform: PDF | Size: 173KB | Author: zhanyuheng044343 | Hits: 54


Description: OPNET network simulation, the book of program code, suitable for beginners to learn
Platform: Others | Size: 15143KB | Author: zyfeiniao | Hits: 81


Description: OPNET learning process that may be encountered questions, Part III
Platform: Others | Size: 347KB | Author: xuxin.0436102 | Hits: 24


Description: OPNET learning process may encounter some answers to frequently asked questions, Part II
Platform: Others | Size: 179KB | Author: xuxin.0436102 | Hits: 6


Description: OPNET learning process may have some questions.
Platform: Others | Size: 179KB | Author: xuxin.0436102 | Hits: 16

[Other systemsOPNET

Description: OPNET User Guide translation draft, very helpful for beginners
Platform: Others | Size: 491KB | Author: xuxin.0436102 | Hits: 4

[Other systemsaodv

Description: AODV OPNET Simulation of the original code, hope to be able to research the Tongren Mannet to some extent.
Platform: Others | Size: 54KB | Author: vivian | Hits: 87
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