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 Description: This book is primarily for software developers. I assume you have a basic understanding of Internet technologies and programming techniques. Code samples are scattered throughout the text and are provided in numerous languages, so fluency in languages such as Java and PHP will help you get the most value from the book. All the code samples in this book, as well as additional code that isn’t included in the text, are provided in the Source Code/Download section of the Apress website at www.apress.com. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur with little to no programming experience, however, there is still a significant amount of information you can glean from these pages. While a good portion may be too technical for your interest, this book provides details on almost all PayPal technologies, and as such can give you a better sense of the type of work that would need to be done in order to integrate PayPal into your grand schemes, even if you ultimately won’t be the one hacking out the code.
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