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 Description: LSB of the image-based data encryption to hide the image composition algorithm procedure is nothing more than some number of bytes or string composed of string, however, one byte for each data bit is not an important degree of the same, and two adjacent words section, usually only low level is not the same. For example: 00100110 and 00100111 represent the gradient of two different degrees of red, but on the human eye is not out to tell. Least significant bit LSB algorithm, is to take advantage of this point, to achieve image compression, or digital watermark feature.
  • [LSBembed] - MATLAB LSB prepared by the Software Info
  • [hill] - With scilab (and matlab, only very small
  • [matlab_desdecode] - Des on the matlab source code, hoping to
  • [binaryextract] - Binary Image Information Hiding, use md5
  • [123test] - Children to do math games, automatically
  • [Menu_Application] - Created a three button, respectively, wi
  • [MyImageWork] - Under an on-line source, the realization
  • [image_compress] - Application of two-dimensional wavelet t
  • [11111111111456] - In order to ensure the safety of informa
  • [txthide] - XTHIDE is a GUI that allows the user to
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