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 Description: HTML 5 remove the imitation goods shopping cart drap and drop it into the garbage can, this is very similar to a shopping cart and drag-and-drop, you can hold the left mouse button, drag any items from the list on the right side area to the bin, will reduce the content of a list, or you can drag the selected items on the shopping cart, shopping cart interactions.
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srcfans.com\drag\images\bin.jpg 35533 2010-05-10
srcfans.com\drag\index.html 3677 2017-03-24
srcfans.com\drag\drag_files 0 2013-11-30
srcfans.com\drag\images 0 2013-11-30
srcfans.com\drag 0 2017-03-24
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-24

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