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 Description: Used in HTML CSS 3 drag paging technology as an example, the slider, scroll bar, can use the mouse to drag the slider to change the current page displays the result set, paging, by dragging the paging function module is similar to "drag change progress", as shown in figure, drag the scroll bar's paging, also can click on the arrow back on both sides of the serial number, the next page, can also enter the Numbers, click on the "Go" button, to the target page, this way of drag paging operation convenient, but sometimes feel bad precision control, easy to jump page.
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srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\css\monotone_arrow_left_small.png 428 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\css\monotone_arrow_right.png 438 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\css\normalize.css 1937 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\css\style.css 4202 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\index.html 7601 2017-08-01
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\js\index.js 3759 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\js\modernizr.js 15249 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\js\prefixfree.min.js 6009 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\less\style.less 4211 2014-05-08
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\css 0 2017-08-01
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\js 0 2017-08-01
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar\less 0 2017-08-01
srcfans.com\css3-paging-with-bar 0 2017-08-01
srcfans.com 0 2017-08-01

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