Title: 论文 基于图像恢复在无人机领域的应用与研究 (2) Download
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 Description: The application of UAV aerial photography became more and more widely. As the UAV in the aerial photography would be subject to relative movement, posture changes, optical environment, mechanical vibration and other factors which had resulted in the image degradation. In this paper, I used MATLAB to simulate the degradation process of UAV aerial image. According to the reason of image degradation, I established the corresponding image degradation model and the original image was degraded. Then simulated degraded images respectively used the wiener filter, constrained least squares (regular) filtering, Lucy - Richardson iterative nonlinear and blind convolution four different restoration algorithms for recovery, achieved the goal of restoring blurred image.
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论文 基于图像恢复在无人机领域的应用与研究 (2).doc 8671098 2018-03-23

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