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  • 2018-03-22
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 Description: P2P internal network transmissions TCP protocol code implementation, T_Trans need to run on the public network of IP devices. T_ServerA is an intranet 1 (such as an office LAN and can be online), and T_ClientB is an intranet 2 (such as a business trip to a hotel LAN and can surf the Internet). T_ServerA and T_ClientB intranet have no direct mapping relations in the corresponding routing settings, and can not communicate directly with the data. T_Trans is responsible for interconnecting T_ServerA, T_ClientB, as a proxy.
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TCP\Clean.CMD 144 2018-03-21
TCP\cygwin1.dll 3480544 2015-08-20
TCP\Makefile 178 2018-03-21
TCP\T_ClientB.c 1331 2018-03-21
TCP\T_ServerA.c 1697 2018-03-21
TCP\T_Trans.c 1451 2018-03-21
TCP 0 2018-03-21

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