Title: mfcc Download
 Description: Speech Recognition MFCC parameter extraction of the java source and FFT of the java source code
  • [Javasourcecode-MP3] - a Java prepared by the player
  • [speech_analysis] - Then a voice feature extraction procedur
  • [sphinx4-1.0beta-bin] - sphinx4- 1.0beta-bin, continuous speech
  • [Assignment5] - java prepared with the use of the butter
  • [JHMMSim] - This achieved using java Hidden Markov M
  • [mp3player] - Java language used to write an mp3 playe
  • [mfcc] - Matlab-based extraction of speech signal
  • [Part_Of_Speech_Label] - JAVA realization of hidden Markov model
  • [FFT] - Fast Fourier Transform
  • [abc] - 简单语音识别系统_源码和开发文档.rar
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