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 Description: (1) were achieved using C language used first to adapt to the dynamic partitioning algorithm and the optimum allocation process adaptation algorithms alloc () and recovery process free (). Among them, the free partition by free partition chain to management: making memory allocation, the system gives priority to the use of the free zones of low-end space. (2) assuming that the initial state, the available memory space is 640KB, and has the following sequence of requests: • Job 1 application 130KB. • Assignment 2 application 60KB. • Assignment 3 application 100KB. • Assignment 2 release 60KB. • Assignment 4 apply 200KB. • Assignment 3 release 100KB. • Operating a release 130KB. • 5 to apply for a job 140KB. • 6 to apply for a job 60KB. • 7 to apply for a job 50KB. • Job 6 release 60KB. Please cases were used for the first time and best adaptation algorithm to adapt algorithms for memory block allocation and recovery requi
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