Title: JXTA-Java-P2P Download
 Description: jxta p2p network programming source code Tsinghua University Publishing House
  • [ClientPeer] - jxta peer, has the basic function
  • [java] - meeting of the java source implementatio
  • [p2p_media] - achieved using peer-to-peer technology t
  • [richjl] - of a direct marketing management softwar
  • [P2PJXTAChat] - The system is based on p2p chat systems,
  • [jxta-myjxta-2.3.5] - a JXTA-based LAN file transfer software
  • [P2PfilesharingJavaVersion] - right, and other network programming sou
  • [Peer] - Based on the NetBeans platform, applicat
  • [JXTA] - Qinghua Wang Jianxing java leads to the
  • [JXTA] - JXTA-based system built outstanding mast
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