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% besselfilter. Function to implement a bandpass Bessel Filter. % Output: % filtData: Output filtered data. Numeric vector. % b, a: Transfer function values for the filter. Scalar numeric. % % License: Please see license
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 1kb Publisher : nice2017

A simple example of brown dynamics simulation.
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 8kb Publisher : dxbdxa

In the process of spectrophotometric analysis of trace cobalt ion concentration in high concentration zinc solution, the base ion Zn(II) and the test ion Co(II) have similar chemical properties, and the base ion concentr
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 5kb Publisher : 巴拉持戟

Calculation of Henry coefficient of solution in chemical calculation
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 1kb Publisher : nicolasTU

Finite element matlab code for 2D heat transfer calculation. It deserve to obtain. It will be helpful for the man interested in heat transfer.
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 31kb Publisher : pengcheng

Chemical mechanism document of binary fuel composed of DME mechanism of Zhao and GRI2.11
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 16kb Publisher : lucookie

Convert the combined chgcar format file generated by VASP to Tecplot format file
Update : 2024-07-25 Size : 1kb Publisher : sidama

bader charge analysis linux_64
Update : 2020-10-15 Size : 928.26kb Publisher : alicexx
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