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  • C-C++
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  • 2017-07-28
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  • 麦栋
 Description: The voltage divider is realized by the dial switch and is displayed on the TFT screen
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Lab08-1 ADC\.ccsproject
Lab08-1 ADC\.cproject
Lab08-1 ADC\.launches\Lab08-1 ADC.launch
Lab08-1 ADC\.project
Lab08-1 ADC\.settings\org.eclipse.cdt.codan.core.prefs
Lab08-1 ADC\.settings\org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.prefs
Lab08-1 ADC\.settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs
Lab08-1 ADC\AD.c
Lab08-1 ADC\AD.h
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\AD.obj
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\AD.pp
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\ccsObjs.opt
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\dr_TFT.obj
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\dr_TFT.pp
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\Lab08-1 ADC.map
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\Lab08-1 ADC.out
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\Lab08-1 ADC_linkInfo.xml
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\main.obj
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\main.pp
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\makefile
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\objects.mk
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\sources.mk
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\subdir_rules.mk
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug\subdir_vars.mk
Lab08-1 ADC\dr_TFT.c
Lab08-1 ADC\dr_tft.h
Lab08-1 ADC\lnk_msp430f5529.cmd
Lab08-1 ADC\main.c
Lab08-1 ADC\main.c.bak
Lab08-1 ADC\targetConfigs\MSP430F5529.ccxml
Lab08-1 ADC\targetConfigs\readme.txt
Lab08-1 ADC\.launches
Lab08-1 ADC\.settings
Lab08-1 ADC\Debug
Lab08-1 ADC\targetConfigs
Lab08-1 ADC

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