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[Big Datasuijibijinfa

Description: Dynamic Programming Shells flight path planning methods and cooperative guidance program
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 147KB | Author: 流云 | Hits: 0

[Big Databaisecancha

Description: Recursive least squares instrumental variables generalized augmented matrix method such program
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 141KB | Author: 流云 | Hits: 0

[Big Dataxitongbianshi

Description: System identification data identification module comprises a method of least squares residual white rollup order determination
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 101KB | Author: 流云 | Hits: 0

[Big DataNFEA

Description: Data in modern applications such as BCI based on EEG signals often contain multi-modes due to mechanism of data recording, e.g. signals recorded by multiple-sensors (electrodes), in multiple trials, epochs, for multiple subjects and with different tasks, conditions. Moreover, during processing and analysis, dimensionality of the data could be augmented due to expression of the data into sparse domain (time-frequency representation) by different transforms such as STFT, wavelets. That means data itself is naturally a tensor, and has multilinear structures. Standard approaches which analyze such data by considering them as vectors or matrices might be not suitable due to risk of losing the covariance information among various modes. To discover hidden multilinear structures, features within the data, the analysis tools should reflect the multi-dimensional structure of the data
Platform: matlab | Size: 2381KB | Author: 李新会 | Hits: 0

[Big Datathe-technology-with-R

Description: 5 codes are used to visualize a map of a class of data according to China s county-level administrative division Biaxial drawing method word segmentation technique dynamic map outlier monitoring.
Platform: R | Size: 10882KB | Author: 周莉 | Hits: 0

[Big Datatext12890

Description: Based on the city car GPS information, analyze the urban traffic program, mainly to the processing of data
Platform: matlab | Size: 3KB | Author: jiangling | Hits: 0

[Big DataMLR(-Multiple-Linear-Regression-)

Description: MLR( Multiple Linear Regression )&residual analysis,stepwise regression analysis and ANN-BP
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: 李维 | Hits: 0

[Big Datadensity-clustering

Description: density clustering and Bayes Theorem for classification
Platform: R | Size: 1KB | Author: 李维 | Hits: 0

[Big Datak-nearest-neighbors

Description: K-nearest neighbor and linear discriminant analysis
Platform: R | Size: 1KB | Author: 李维 | Hits: 0

[Big Datak-means-clustering

Description: k-means clustering
Platform: R | Size: 1KB | Author: 李维 | Hits: 0

[Big DataHadoopDemo-master

Description: Hadoop simple application cases, including MapReduce, word counting, HDFS basic operations, web log analysis, Zookeeper basic use, Hive simple operation
Platform: Java | Size: 30695KB | Author: 张凡 | Hits: 0

[Big DataproDeal

Description: page rank algorithm, it can handle large-scale data and it do not refer to matrix.
Platform: Java | Size: 5KB | Author: 于忠靖 | Hits: 0
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