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[Goverment applicationnew412

Description: circuit document for the development of instrumentation PC software, or instrumentation circuitry.
Platform: VBScript | Size: 603KB | Author: TKYUN1 | Hits: 11

[Goverment applicationlocaltaxcollectionmanagementsystem.Rar

Description: a local tax collection and management systems and to everyone is an opportunity to learn; Please download
Platform: Delphi | Size: 1981KB | Author: toniking | Hits: 31

[Goverment applicationahomemadeDistrictgovernmentwebsitesourcecod

Description: a regional government, the website source code, personal feeling good after lift management extremely convenient interface is very attractive!
Platform: ASP | Size: 3880KB | Author: agou_79 | Hits: 279

[Goverment applicationEMall10

Description: China Business Network e-commerce shopping EMall system software introduced : a completely open-source, no licensing restrictions, in particular for large-scale e-commerce site development system for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database background, the use of the storage process of the tremendous effect on the Class of Extended Data Module visit the capability to support any type of large databases
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 923KB | Author: lihao8397 | Hits: 48

[Goverment applicationProductReport

Description: to achieve annual output statements, statements to the deposits transferred to a text file, generate. Trp text files, and operating system available in the annex to the Notepad to open the file.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2213KB | Author: jinsongzheng | Hits: 51

[Goverment applicationsupcode_32313

Description: online free version V0.1 procedures : 1, 2 products to add background, the background of three classifications, add background friendship linking four, five members of management, customers six messages, online orders seven, tied up the "loyalty advertising network management system", 8 announcement management Administrators : admin password : demo admin888 :
Platform: ASP | Size: 1982KB | Author: fj_lcq | Hits: 25

[Goverment applicationofficelogmanagementsystem.Rar

Description: the procedures and the use of java jsp achieving e-government office involved in the system log. Jsp javabean and use the skills and the use of software weblogic8.1 middle.
Platform: Java | Size: 693KB | Author: slqstqi | Hits: 125

[Goverment applicationelectronicfilemanagementsystems.Rar

Description: the cases and the use of java jsp achieving e-government system related to the file management systems. Javabean relates to the use and jsp skills.
Platform: Java | Size: 599KB | Author: slqstqi | Hits: 246

[Goverment applicationState-owned assets

Description: Needless to say this on, and have sold the money and keep its own is useless, a friend in need can be changed instead sell
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 1828KB | Author: qiangqiang_66666 | Hits: 64

[Goverment applicationZhengfuReceive

Description: part of a government reception personnel management Delphi FOSS
Platform: Delphi | Size: 530KB | Author: lijq | Hits: 11

[Goverment applicationonlineshoppingsystem.Rar

Description: goods orders Management : Add commodity classification and management changes goods orders complaints management information goods orders feedback messages that managed the site users : the management of user management background administrators news bulletin Management : Add news (for pictures) Delete Page Notice conventional set up set up websites : website set up Home advertising largest category of advertising subcategories advertising Links visit Statistics revised agreement site registration information Settings : remittance delivery methods manner ordering after-sales service of our way ... (to be arbitrary increase columns, columns supporting Photo) prospects : User Management : User Registration Verification Code landing can simultaneously logged Mall and the Forum grade changes I
Platform: ASP | Size: 643KB | Author: apple4029 | Hits: 383

[Goverment applicationworklogon

Description: use Java and Jsp achieving e-government system related to the office log system. Using Java features and design a rational structure of Web applications, and integrate Java middleware software development and efficient Web applications.
Platform: Java | Size: 704KB | Author: yzfqy | Hits: 88
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