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[software engineering54_538_2

Description: project templates, design example
Platform: Java | Size: 9KB | Author: mblwhy | Hits: 11

[software engineering54_538_1

Description: creation report
Platform: Java | Size: 8KB | Author: mblwhy | Hits: 32

[software engineering54_538

Description: project templates, examples of projects
Platform: Java | Size: 11KB | Author: mblwhy | Hits: 8

[software engineeringsoftdoc

Description: standardize software development process documentation
Platform: Others | Size: 127KB | Author: abasic | Hits: 112

[software engineeringastrategymodelexample.Rar

Description: stragegy a model example of learning design patterns can reference
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 24KB | Author: seakingw | Hits: 351

[software engineeringprogrammingnormsA

Description: Microsoft programming norms, good programming specification
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 219KB | Author: zhang.liangping | Hits: 110

[software engineeringqswu2000proceduressimplifieddesignspecificati

Description: procedures simplified design specifications, unthreatened University's School of Information Spectrum Group Image Design Manual procedures, in the light of Dr LIN "quality C Programming Guide," which amended a reference value
Platform: C++ | Size: 63KB | Author: yy_oak | Hits: 22

[software engineeringforredundantaudiodataformatssupportedtheRT

Description: for redundant audio data formats supported the RTP (RFC2198).
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 17KB | Author: jiany | Hits: 40

[software engineeringpatterns____

Description: C patterns design patterns
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 107KB | Author: psliang | Hits: 20

[software engineeringthesiswritingnorms.Rar

Description: As graduation design work in-depth, we will soon enter the stage of writing papers. Based on the experience over the years, the majority of students on standardized writing paper, in particular graphic unfamiliar with the norms, resulting in a lot of papers unnecessary mistakes, affecting the reply. In order to change this situation, software engineering discussion group specifically for providing a software development documents prepared by several norms. These norms all come from "Computer software engineering specifications national standards Series 2000," we hope to read carefully, to avoid the papers appeared this mistake; The jobs will soon be on the students, and will be a good guide.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 2243KB | Author: z.c.huang | Hits: 195

[software engineeringroad.Zip

Description: good information to guide software development, but are in English
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 60KB | Author: j.d.i | Hits: 20

[software engineeringxpdptl

Description: design template source model
Platform: C++ | Size: 46KB | Author: firewhu | Hits: 4
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