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[Video CaptureVideo Related Source Code

Description: Video display,compress,processsing and so on (Delphi).
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 732KB | Author: sunny2121cn | Hits: 183

[Video Capturetwaintest_src

Description: Video Development Platform SDK
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 45KB | Author: soyoo | Hits: 78

[Video CaptureFrameGrabberTest

Description: is an example of VFW
Platform: C++ | Size: 67KB | Author: yatoud_001 | Hits: 56

[Video CaptureVideoCapture2

Description: DirectShow instance of the MFC version AMcap
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 199KB | Author: fuping_2000 | Hits: 534

[Video Capturecapvidscrn_demo

Description: How to Capture Video Screen Shots
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 21KB | Author: csfanso | Hits: 32

[Video CaptureAviCapWrp_demo

Description: Realized to be able from 鎽勫儚澶?the gain image data kind. Extremely convenient, easy to use.
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 65KB | Author: inetmad | Hits: 287

[Video Capturem024_videocap

Description: A video frequency procedure uses well
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 11KB | Author: h8815616 | Hits: 61

[Video CaptureCustomCaptions_demo

Description: This article presents some classes that make customising window captions really quick and easy. Using these classes you can change the background colour and the text font and colour of both the active and inactive window captions independently for any windows you choose. I also provide an example class that allows a bitmap to be used as the caption background, eg for logos, or wood or stone effects. Framework for Creating Custom Window Captions create a custom form the framework for the title of this article notes that can be quick and simple to create custom window Heading the framework of some type. The use of these categories you can change independent of any form you choose the background color, text fonts as well as the activation and did not activate the window title color. I also provide a use of a background bitmap as examples of category headings, such as a logo, wood or stone effect.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 84KB | Author: xulizhi | Hits: 32

[Video CaptureCapDemo

Description: The use of DirectShow screenshots of the Demo program
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 45KB | Author: wfeii | Hits: 166

[Video Capturevcap

Description: vcap source code This is a pure Win32 API application, No MFC. Procedures demonstrated the VFW (Video for Windows) use. Show video from the camera and can be intercepted off the video saved as AVI files. Process model of non-rectangular windows programming as well as file Universal Realization of the dialog box. This code is a rare example of a beginner program.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 19KB | Author: zzedream | Hits: 377

[Video Capturevscap11

Description: Save the screen constantly for avi files can be used to create procedures for film presentation tool
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 498KB | Author: happy | Hits: 768

[Video CaptureCapVideo

Description: programs about video signal collection
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 40KB | Author: happy | Hits: 1397
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