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[Windows MobileMessageOrder

Description: ordered Microsoft SMS software
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 53KB | Author: william.shen | Hits: 30

[Windows MobilePhoneBackup

Description: mobile data backup software
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 228KB | Author: william.shen | Hits: 46

[Windows MobileHomeSkin

Description: windows mobile homeskin
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 1601KB | Author: william.shen | Hits: 28

[Windows Mobilea button example with picture in windows CE

Description: a button example with picture in windows CE
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 69KB | Author: alon21 | Hits: 291

[Windows MobilePocketPC2002usefileopendialogbox.Zip

Description: PocketPC2002 use file open dialog
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 63KB | Author: da_man2 | Hits: 32

[Windows MobileRead and Write Text Files in WinCE

Description: Read and Write Text Files in WinCE
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 4KB | Author: da_man2 | Hits: 68

[Windows Mobilemobilev1src

Description: wrote Unicom mobile phone ownership to the inquiry procedure, the very integrity of the identification,
Platform: Java | Size: 474KB | Author: ulab | Hits: 80

[Windows MobileSelfMarshalledStruct

Description: called C# API PPC screen rotating complete source code can add their own features.
Platform: CSharp | Size: 2KB | Author: zhenmu | Hits: 130

[Windows MobiletestVoice

Description: Some testing uses of play voice in the pocket pc, including play voice at the same time and pause voice at switch the windows(using in the games). And there are also some examples of circumgyrating windows of the pocket pc.
Platform: CSharp | Size: 386KB | Author: zhenmu | Hits: 141

[Windows MobileWAP-basedmobilewirelessapplications.Rar

Description: WAP-based mobile wireless applications
Platform: Delphi | Size: 8KB | Author: guangtoul | Hits: 93

[Windows MobileMS Access file exadoce

Description: Setting up an ADOCE project using Visual C++ 6.0 is rather simple. Assuming that you have downloaded and installed the ADOCE SDK from Microsoft, you are ready to use it in your Windows CE Database applications. The sample that I have provided is a*very* simple one illustrating how to instantiate the proper COM objects, and the basics of how to interface with them (in a very simple example)
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 5KB | Author: zhang9786 | Hits: 16

[Windows Mobileexadoce_demo

Description: This code will be useful to you if you have tried using ADOCE, but never got anything to work. It is not meant to be integrated into any application, but rather it should be used for demonstrative purposes. It clearly shows the basics of how to use the technology.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 21KB | Author: zhang9786 | Hits: 27
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