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[simulation modeling高超声速滑翔飞行器弹道matlab程序(分享)

Description: The trajectory simulation program of the hypersonic glide vehicle written by ourselves generates the measurement point trace in the radar station ENU coordinate system (taking the radar station as the origin). For reference only, if you have any questions,
Platform: matlab | Size: 39936 | Author: RED2022 | Hits: 2

[source in ebookmatlab.code.and.plot.and.figures

Description: Radar system design and matlab simulation of the source code and code generated by the picture.
Platform: matlab | Size: 6420KB | Author: 蝈蝈 | Hits: 0


Description: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging simulation target, Mainly for data analysis and statistics, By applying the beam forming technology of BER Based on SVPWM three-level inverter matlab simulation, It contains positional PID algorithm, integral separate
Platform: matlab | Size: 7KB | Author: xyyvzs | Hits: 0

[Other Booksmatlab

Description: Matlab simulation using MATLAB is an engineering and scientific computing software, financial scientific computing, data graphical visualization, information Processing in one widely used in mathematical statistics, dynamic system simulation, automatic c
Platform: matlab | Size: 478KB | Author: whyscience | Hits: 0

[source in ebookradar-matlab-

Description: Code on the radar system, mainly used to build a basic radar system and the simulation results generated by the program to operate
Platform: matlab | Size: 8KB | Author: 343004515 | Hits: 0


Description: The Japanese to do a radar system simulation matlab
Platform: matlab | Size: 1183KB | Author: weiming1981 | Hits: 99


Description: the software of linear frequency modulation (LFM) radar pulse compression part of the simulation system, classic and practicality, and I hope to engage the radar simulation friends help.
Platform: matlab | Size: 148KB | Author: humerousman | Hits: 177

[Other BooksRadarMatLab

Description: Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using Ma tLab a better radar system simulation materials
Platform: matlab | Size: 3934KB | Author: iridium_qi | Hits: 230

[Other systemssingle_pulse_radar

Description: radar.mdl Simulation module for the document, the monopulse radar system simulation!
Platform: matlab | Size: 11KB | Author: ou_xin | Hits: 203