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[Other BooksOReilly---Python-Cookbook

Description: python cookbook by oreilly, good reference
Platform: Python | Size: 1006KB | Author: ansonlee_cn | Hits: 2

[Other BooksPython

Description: Swaroop, CH Shen Jie Yuan a translation刚接触Whether you have experience or a computer programmer, this book will help you learn using Python language.
Platform: Python | Size: 1511KB | Author: chenzhizhong2007 | Hits: 5


Description: Python books, "my name is python", and the more famous books on python, others don't.
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 317KB | Author: hcqbw | Hits: 143

[Compiler programorg.python.pydev.feature-src-1_3_9

Description: Python Development Environment (Python IDE plugin for Eclipse). Features editor, code completion, refactoring, outline view, debugger, and other goodies- check
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 5862KB | Author: neulinuxer | Hits: 3

[Other Bookspython

Description: This is the python entry of a book, I hope everyone useful team!
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 7933KB | Author: f16block80 | Hits: 125

[Other systemssvm-python

Description: This document contains a general overview in the first few sections as well as a more detailed reference in later sections for SVMpython. If you re already familiar with SVMpython, it s possible to get a pretty good idea of how to use the package merely by
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 287KB | Author: aerfa2003 | Hits: 5


Description: The source code for all the examples in the python programming dictionary can be a great help in learning a book.
Platform: Python | Size: 10KB | Author: niuyongjie | Hits: 83

[Other Bookspython

Description: Concise tutorial on the python, python will pay more attention to basic grammar and knowledge, format chm, to those in need
Platform: Python | Size: 101KB | Author: zfq1025 | Hits: 18

[Other BooksPython

Description: python detailed descriptions and codes that helpful to beginners
Platform: Python | Size: 7955KB | Author: ericye | Hits: 10

[Other BooksPython

Description: is a powerful easy to learn language. It includes a senior efficient data structure to provide a simple but effective way of object-oriented programming. Python elegant syntax, dynamic types, and its ability to explain the natural, as a platform for the ma
Platform: Others | Size: 467KB | Author: lobtao | Hits: 37

[Other Gamespython-elsfk

Description: python in a game of Russian box contains the source code
Platform: Python | Size: 163KB | Author: festerhui | Hits: 38

[Other BooksPython

Description: Python study of Chinese teaching materials, in PDF format, personal feel very good, simple user-friendly, recommended download.
Platform: Python | Size: 340KB | Author: dongkai329 | Hits: 338

[Windows DevelopPython-QQ-2005-07-27

Description: PYTHON has made the preparation of the QQ client source code, the programming for the network PYTHON has made reference to a friend
Platform: Python | Size: 35KB | Author: jim_hou | Hits: 115

[Other GamesGame.Programming.with.Python.Lua.And.Ruby

Description: song with python design language games. For use above the scripting language for game development knowledge base.
Platform: Python | Size: 2739KB | Author: lostxu | Hits: 100

[Game Server SimulatorWoW Python Emu Pack

Description: WoW Python Emu Pack (SourceServer and Database): VC and Python written in World of Warcraft server analog source
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1773KB | Author: | Hits: 82


Platform: Python | Size: 306KB | Author: blackstorm | Hits: 39

[E-BooksGUI Programming with Python

Description: GUI Programming with Python
Platform: Python | Size: 13231KB | Author: blackstorm | Hits: 45


Description: TextProcessing In Python
Platform: Python | Size: 850KB | Author: blackstorm | Hits: 14

[E-BooksOReilly - Python Standard Library

Description: Python Standard Library
Platform: Python | Size: 339KB | Author: blackstorm | Hits: 16

[Linux-Unix programthinking in python

Description: thinking in python
Platform: Python | Size: 171KB | Author: oliver_bacon | Hits: 25
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