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Description: CCS environment, linear frequency modulation pulse compression radar deal with time-domain algorithm (including the entire project)
Platform: Others | Size: 50KB | Author: zhangshuai_77777 | Hits: 26


Description: Chirp Pulse Compression (radar regard for) the principle of a simple introduction and matlab simulation program
Platform: matlab | Size: 146KB | Author: cc_cylina | Hits: 100


Description: SIMULINK based on the LFM pulse compression radar signal processing and interference simulation analysis
Platform: matlab | Size: 195KB | Author: elukuangyumen | Hits: 57


Description: Note the Doppler frequency of the impact of pulse compression output given pulse compression process, through the MATLAB simulation, the simulation results Fig.
Platform: matlab | Size: 3KB | Author: megitech2007 | Hits: 25


Description: Phase-coded pulse compression radar Doppler compensation algorithm (detail), matlab development simulation
Platform: matlab | Size: 6KB | Author: sf429 | Hits: 98

[Other BooksNETWORK2

Description: Neural network match filter of chirp pulse compression Neural network match filter of chirp pulse compression
Platform: Others | Size: 233KB | Author: vivian20066 | Hits: 5

[Other BooksNETWORK1

Description: A neural fuzzy network approach to Radar pulse compression A neural fuzzy network approach to Radar pulse compression
Platform: Others | Size: 197KB | Author: vivian20066 | Hits: 6


Description: External control in accordance with instructions and sent to the waveform parameters, in FPAG arbitrary waveform to achieve the pulse compression. Procedures for the use of VHDL language and the actual test system has proved to be the realization of functi
Platform: VHDL | Size: 16KB | Author: jlbnj | Hits: 23


Description: A variety of radar pulse compression signal in time domain, frequency domain as well as the ambiguity function simulation
Platform: matlab | Size: 1262KB | Author: wtpttcm | Hits: 386


Description: Synthetic aperture. Ppt, synthetic aperture radar. Ppt, pulse compression radar. Ppt, objectives and fuzzy to tell. Ppt
Platform: PPT | Size: 17760KB | Author: ouyangkai1234 | Hits: 83


Description: Simulation program simulated the ideal point target echo, and the use of frequency-domain correlation method (to take advantage of FFT) to achieve pulse compression.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: lb81710 | Hits: 72

[Graph DrawingUntitled

Description: Self-pulse compression radar simulation program MATLAB
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: yuanke520 | Hits: 24


Description: 13 Barker Code+ Linear FM signal, the pulse compression processing, intermediate processing after demodulation.
Platform: matlab | Size: 3KB | Author: caoxinggen | Hits: 77


Description: Matlab following procedures commonly used on the radar LFM signal (lfm signal) for pulse compression at the time of the key issues of simulation, including the impact of sidelobe suppression (plus a window with no window), the impact of Doppler frequency s
Platform: matlab | Size: 5KB | Author: wxzhe443 | Hits: 397


Description: Two goals for radar pulse compression, through the MATLAB simulation
Platform: matlab | Size: 2KB | Author: wu23503 | Hits: 22


Description: Radar signal processing, radar signal processing for the modern major mode of use of digital signal processing theory and Matlab software simulation of the radar signal processing problems. Proposed a simulation model, the model can be simulation of radar
Platform: matlab | Size: 154KB | Author: freedooom | Hits: 327


Description: the software of linear frequency modulation (LFM) radar pulse compression part of the simulation system, classic and practicality, and I hope to engage the radar simulation friends help.
Platform: matlab | Size: 148KB | Author: humerousman | Hits: 177

[Project DesignFPGAleida.files

Description: pulse compression technology refers to the launch of the radar pulse width modulation (LFM. Nonlinear FM, phase coding) and the receiver to echo pulse width signal pulse compression to be narrow pulse after the implementation process. Pulse compression eff
Platform: Others | Size: 76KB | Author: lingyun8810 | Hits: 95

[Other systemsLinearFrequencyModulation

Description: chirp pulse compression (for the radar) on the principle of simple and Matlab simulation program and imitation The results of Figure
Platform: matlab | Size: 146KB | Author: jingren8285 | Hits: 311


Description: linear FM (LFM) radar pulse compression simulation, LFM Matlab pulse compression procedures, Word stated that operating results
Platform: matlab | Size: 311KB | Author: xiedingdong | Hits: 736
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