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Description: matlab seek multiresolution entropy procedure, available to share
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: luaiping_0127 | Hits: 3


Description: Contourlet Toolbox (Windows download format also available on MATLAB Central): MATLAB source code that implements the contourlet transform and its utility functions. See paper The contourlet transform: an efficient directional multiresolution image represe
Platform: matlab | Size: 1305KB | Author: haifeng.985 | Hits: 49

[Graph programsurfacelets

Description: This is the new multiresolution analysis scheme--surfacelets,giving you the papers and matlab code
Platform: matlab | Size: 9779KB | Author: shenzhengyan1982 | Hits: 10

[Special Effectstrsf

Description: The use of multiresolution wavelet to extract texture images (two parameters, R1 can choose to 1.1-1.2, R2 is the threshold, you can choose to 10-30)
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: bankal | Hits: 67


Description: Lukas Kanade Multi resolution program in matlab language.
Platform: matlab | Size: 2613KB | Author: pono_67 | Hits: 8


Description: Wavelet-Based Multiresolution decomposition and reconstruction of the achievement
Platform: matlab | Size: 124KB | Author: luoxi1216 | Hits: 20

[Graph programMatlab

Description: MATLAB in the multiresolution pyramid image fusion technology: one with MATLAB examples of the preparation process of the Laplacian pyramid, and the integration of the results of analysis.
Platform: matlab | Size: 346KB | Author: unkechen104 | Hits: 38

[Special EffectsLBP_C++

Description: Multiresolution Gray-Scale and RotationInvariant Texture Classificationwith Local Binary Patterns Author wrote LBP (local binary mode) C++ Code
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 4KB | Author: geshiming_1 | Hits: 43


Description: Multiresolution analysis based on Hierarchical Approximation thinking, the use of orthogonal wavelet network to study the spatial distribution of input samples of non-uniform when the identification of nonlinear systems. Focused on the sample of non-unifor
Platform: PDF | Size: 333KB | Author: guole205 | Hits: 11


Description: Ten Lectures on Wavelets focuses on the principle of wavelet transform and applications, including changes in one-dimensional continuous wavelet, discrete wavelet transform, multiresolution analysis and two-dimensional wavelet transform and so on.
Platform: matlab | Size: 5887KB | Author: dianlian | Hits: 51

[Special Effectslbp_matlab

Description: LBP algorithm image texture classification, based on the thesis: multiresolution gray scale and rotation invariant texture classification with location binary patterns
Platform: matlab | Size: 3KB | Author: xiao guilin | Hits: 719


Description: Implementation of wavelet multiresolution decomposition, including the three functions. The first completed the design of filter banks, and the second to complete decomposition, the third to complete remodeling
Platform: Delphi | Size: 1KB | Author: lee9547 | Hits: 95


Description: Based on wavelet decomposition of multi-image stitching technology. Between the images in a number of non-rules shapes multiresolution image stitching technology integration is studied. Multi2masks methods use multiple images of the selected regions togeth
Platform: matlab | Size: 138KB | Author: babyken777 | Hits: 52

[Graph programblindwatermark

Description: digital watermarking procedures, including multiresolution embedded watermark, watermark extraction procedure, blind watermark embedding and extraction procedures, Filtering and attack and attack JPEG procedures, PSNR and the similarity calculation formula
Platform: matlab | Size: 3KB | Author: jyx1231 | Hits: 586

[File Formats12456897514254265825

Description: article using MATLAB language and its toolbox, wavelet transform algorithm, development of digital watermark embedded systems, right through static images and the original binary image watermarking multiresolution wavelet decomposition, Portfolio correspon
Platform: matlab | Size: 51KB | Author: allenwang1008 | Hits: 33

[Other BooksContourlet_watermark

Description: on Contourlet Transform algorithms. And wavelet transform is different Contour let transformation similar to that segment (the base contoursegment be a multiresolution, Local, Image directional said. Watermark signal through content-based program by loadin
Platform: matlab | Size: 692KB | Author: 9dandelion | Hits: 112


Description: for multiresolution analysis of the reconstruction algorithm used A trous
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: likun_11 | Hits: 81


Description: for multiresolution decomposition, use A trous algorithm; The decomposition process, and given levels of detail and picture, and the original data is the same length.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: likun_11 | Hits: 127

[2D Graphicw2D

Description: 2D image wavelet decomposition and reconstruction, and drawing show. Through multiresolution analysis to achieve.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: likun_11 | Hits: 189


Description: from subband coding to wavelet encoding subband coding multiresolution analysis filters with a resolution from the subband coding of wavelet image coding wavelet decomposition method of measuring distortion introduced JPEG2000
Platform: PDF | Size: 88KB | Author: zoezinsser | Hits: 46
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