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Description: Using java to do a real-time chatting in small p2p software, hoping to learn from people who p2p and java help.
Platform: Java | Size: 5KB | Author: xxllj | Hits: 94


Description: JXTA-based p2p program prepared to achieve the basic chat functions, the establishment of peer-to-peer group, by adding peer-to-peer groups, peer discovery and file sharing functions.
Platform: Java | Size: 13KB | Author: zhouyongtao2002 | Hits: 227

[Java Booksjavap2punleashedcode

Description: insider source code java p2p! ! ! ! ! Posts And Telecommunications News published details of today
Platform: Java | Size: 3521KB | Author: wangshuai---2008 | Hits: 19

[File FormatsJXTA+P2P

Description: Lies mainly in the framework based on JXTA to build a P2P real-time information Qualcomm Qualcomm. The use of P2P and non-centrality is characterized by dynamic instant messaging services, instant messaging, the sending end of the encrypted message, the re
Platform: Java | Size: 34KB | Author: lisheng1643 | Hits: 62

[File FormatsJXTA-P2P

Description: For nearly a month prior to the adoption of JXTA technology, finally a general understanding of the P2P network of JXTA technology realize JAVA language course, special finishing up for discussion the exchange of everyone. In fact, on the concept and intro
Platform: Java | Size: 14KB | Author: lisheng1643 | Hits: 121


Description: java chat realize the p2p software list online list of hosts and chat with any host
Platform: Java | Size: 18KB | Author: suyisong | Hits: 85

[Java BooksJXTA2.0protocols1

Description: An introduction how to use JXTA java p2p applications to establish books
Platform: Java | Size: 222KB | Author: fordaizhibin | Hits: 41

[Java BooksJava.P2P

Description: Java Development Tutorials P2P network procedures, detailing the principles of P2P, the development of rules and examples.
Platform: Java | Size: 33112KB | Author: loven.yuan | Hits: 55

[software engineeringJava.P2Ppeer

Description: P2P Java programming skills and can draw on and learn from achieving this I do not know where this can not
Platform: Java | Size: 1232KB | Author: haowenjing1984 | Hits: 14

[Java DevelopJXTA-JavaP2P

Description: JXTA-- Java P2P network programming technology, recently, P2P (Peer-to-Peer) the Internet has become a hot spot on. P2P is an Internet application model, which means that any network equipment (including Mainframe, PC, PDA, and cell phones, set-top boxes,
Platform: Java | Size: 5367KB | Author: pkb0101 | Hits: 46

[Java Developmapp

Description: written with Java P2P IPV6 support multithreading Chat Program
Platform: Java | Size: 4KB | Author: huangjinggold | Hits: 116

[Java Develop2007030915590116331

Description: Java P2P technology insider : "Java P2P technology insider" source
Platform: Java | Size: 3552KB | Author: www121316 | Hits: 28


Description: a p2p based on the audio broadcast more practical. Java
Platform: Java | Size: 204KB | Author: tide0 | Hits: 33

[Java DevelopJXTA-Java-P2P

Description: jxta p2p network programming source code Tsinghua University Publishing House
Platform: Java | Size: 5378KB | Author: xiaobotang005 | Hits: 851

[Windows DevelopJAVA-P2P

Description: JAVA peer-to-peer network communications between users send and receive documents and information
Platform: Java | Size: 5KB | Author: yin_zhiyuan | Hits: 603

[Windows DevelopJAVA-source

Description: the compressed include the following : Java SMTP E-mail analysis Java language for network servers search JCOMToACAD. JAVA using peer-to-peer network communication, writing articles, based on the URL of the Web server data access, Matlab environment Socket
Platform: Java | Size: 532KB | Author: yin_zhiyuan | Hits: 70


Description: JAVAP2P technology insider source code and share with everyone
Platform: Java | Size: 3525KB | Author: hnywh | Hits: 344

[File Operatesocket p2p

Description: it can trasport files in p2p mode using socket,it support many types,welcome to use.
Platform: Java | Size: 2KB | Author: fmdsaco99 | Hits: 496


Description: JXTA- P2P Java programming JXTA-Java P2P Programming.pdf
Platform: Java | Size: 4798KB | Author: yanqlv | Hits: 193


Description: peer-to-peer (P2P) Multithreading HTTP Implementation
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 58KB | Author: zhanghj123456 | Hits: 839
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