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[Windows DevelopPython-QQ-2005-07-27

Description: PYTHON has made the preparation of the QQ client source code, the programming for the network PYTHON has made reference to a friend
Platform: Python | Size: 35KB | Author: jim_hou | Hits: 115

[Multimedia DevelopFilterQQSource

Description: support for the QQ player Source Filter. Filter the registration called "QQ Source", registration, QQ document will be Windows Media Player to identify and correct broadcast.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 13KB | Author: weixing1974 | Hits: 245

[Web Serverdoolo

Description: procedures title : Imitation Alibaba Dole Business 2.5 station software categories : ASP source/e-commerce software Language : English File Size : 8.75M system platforms : ASP ACCESS Contact : QQ : 6946938 Download : http:// interfa
Platform: ASP | Size: 8967KB | Author: | Hits: 398