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[matlabmatlab use ga

Description: matlab use antenna radar by ga
Platform: matlab | Size: 1031KB | Author: ali | Hits: 0


Platform: matlab | Size: 4KB | Author: hechangjian | Hits: 0


Description: The matlab simulation. m sequence and complementary code sequence simulation: four-phanse complementary code and m sequence code s emission, echo, and pulse compression are simulated by matlab. The folder include linear frequency modulation (LFM) sig
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 9KB | Author: 刘影 | Hits: 0

[Other Booksradar-system-analysis-using-matlab

Description: Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB by Bassem R. Mahafza Chapter 1 Radar Fundamentals 1.1. Radar Classifications 1.2. Range MATLAB Function “pulse_train.m” 1.3. Range Resolution MATLAB Function “range_resolution.m” 1.4. Doppler
Platform: matlab | Size: 4663KB | Author: r.sinha30 | Hits: 0


Description: In order to test synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image classification algorithm,VC/Matlab mixed programming technology was used in SAR image classification platform development. Four VC/Matlab mixed programming methods were introduced and analyzed. Comp
Platform: PDF | Size: 278KB | Author: 2365800302 | Hits: 0


Description: Book "Radar System Analysis and Design Usin MATLAB" by Bassem R. Mahafza
Platform: matlab | Size: 4043KB | Author: mn | Hits: 0


Description: The Weather Radar Product Synthetic Programming by VC++ & MATLAB.pdf
Platform: matlab | Size: 270KB | Author: cherryshj | Hits: 1


Description:  In view of the speckle noise in the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images , and based on the Contourlet′s advantages of multiscale , localization , directionality , and anisot ropy , a new SAR image fusion segmentation algorithm based on the pe rsis t
Platform: matlab | Size: 876KB | Author: zhouhuaji1988 | Hits: 107

[Other systemshuachuangjiance

Description: matlab under Gaussian noise to achieve a small target detection sliding window. Data for 1000 point sliding window window size is 30, each time moving a point of data. Using the data before the window each 30 square feet, and then summed, divided by the wi
Platform: matlab | Size: 60KB | Author: wangzongxin306 | Hits: 16

[Windows DevelopRADAR_display

Description: I made this simulation as a project in a course I took in RADAR basic concepts. The RADAR is an Early Warning RADAR. The simulation simulates targets around the RADAR, calculates the expected return pulses and adds noise. The simulation works at the Inte
Platform: matlab | Size: 726KB | Author: kussoyi | Hits: 40

[Embeded-SCM DevelopGUI

Description: Description The MUSIC algorithm, proposed by Schmidt, first estimates a basis for the noise subspace and then determines the peaks the associated angles provide the DOA estimates. The MATLAB code for the MUSIC algorithm is sampled by creating an array of s
Platform: matlab | Size: 8KB | Author: hb830513 | Hits: 19

[source in ebookMATLAB_Simulations_for_Radar_System_Code

Description: The English version of the chapter is given by MATLAB Simulations for Radar System full source code
Platform: matlab | Size: 234KB | Author: skyzz1 | Hits: 6


Description: A variety of radar pulse compression signal in time domain, frequency domain as well as the ambiguity function simulation
Platform: matlab | Size: 1262KB | Author: wtpttcm | Hits: 386


Description: The Japanese to do a radar system simulation matlab
Platform: matlab | Size: 1183KB | Author: weiming1981 | Hits: 99

[Other BooksMATLAB_Simulations_for_Radar_Systems_Design

Description: Mahafza BR, Elsherbeni AZ- MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design- 2004 for the radar system designer, this is a rare book
Platform: matlab | Size: 9351KB | Author: jobxi | Hits: 116


Description: using Matlab procedures prepared by the three 3D radar tracking a particle filter, super
Platform: matlab | Size: 16KB | Author: luqing.1980 | Hits: 224


Description: the software of linear frequency modulation (LFM) radar pulse compression part of the simulation system, classic and practicality, and I hope to engage the radar simulation friends help.
Platform: matlab | Size: 148KB | Author: humerousman | Hits: 177

[Other BooksRadarMatLab

Description: Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using Ma tLab a better radar system simulation materials
Platform: matlab | Size: 3934KB | Author: iridium_qi | Hits: 230

[Other systemssingle_pulse_radar

Description: radar.mdl Simulation module for the document, the monopulse radar system simulation!
Platform: matlab | Size: 11KB | Author: ou_xin | Hits: 203


Description: based on Matlab Simulink structures of the radar signal processing simulation platform
Platform: matlab | Size: 108KB | Author: N_Net97 | Hits: 582
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