Title: VMware-workstation-4.5.2-8848.tar Download
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  • WinSock-NDIS
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  • Unix_Linux
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  • 2005-06-24
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  • lolunlong
 Description: will not re-boot the computer using the same number of OS. VMware main functions are : 1. No zoning or re-boot will be on the same PC using two or more operating systems. 2. The complete separation of different OS and the protection of the environment and the operation of all installed in the above OS software applications and information. 3. The OS also between the interactivity, including network, peripheral and file sharing, and affixed with a copy function. 4. Resilient (Undo) function. 5. Set to be amended at any time operating systems and operating environments, such as : memory, disk space, peripheral equipment, etc.
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