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 Description: Rough Set software, Rosetta, by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Warsaw, Poland Institute of Mathematics, co-developed a theoretical framework based on Rough Set the table logical data analysis tool pack
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  • [DMES] - Support based on the experience of ident
  • [simpler] - Pressure and velocity coupling algorithm
  • [puzzle] - This is a classic puzzle game, mobile, a
  • [NRS_FW_FS] - The new conditions for accession to the
  • [Rough_SET] - A dependence on properties of rough set
  • [daima] - Rough set attribute reduction algorithm
  • [RosettaLearing] - Tool rosetta on Rough Set Theory and the
  • [tezhengtiqu] - tezhengtiqu
  • [VariablePrecisionRoughSet] - 《Variable precision rough set model to d
  • [RoughSet] - On rough set algorithm, there are multip
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