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 Description: ICE introduced documents, similar to CORBA interface specification, it is very easy to develop
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  • [demo2.tar] - ICE middleware example of a demo, using
  • [Ice-1.3.0-C.pdf] - ICE currently the strongest Distributed
  • [Socket_material] - Socket Programming, detailing the Socket
  • [Ice-3.2.0] - ICE currently the most popular middlewar
  • [Ice-3.2.0] - ICE-3.2 an open source middleware, more
  • [omniORB] - omniORB documentation. Basically, it is
  • [CORBAinterface] - CORBA another article, is pretty good, y
  • [Ice-3.2.1-demos] - ice communication library code demo exam
  • [ICE] - ICE when the original study produced by
  • [ice] - ICE Chinese documents, the translation o
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