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[CA programMD5method

Description: MD5 algorithm, the digital certificate is an indispensable algorithm, this is the Internet, I think it is reproduced.
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 2KB | Author: conjurer1981 | Hits: 13

[CA programssl-source

Description: ssl related applications, achieving identity authentication, data encryption transmission functions
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 35KB | Author: clcolin | Hits: 223

[CA programcryptoapi

Description: CryptoAPI Training Guide, the use of the Microsoft encryption CryptoAPI application programming interface that enables developers to easily in the application process to join the powerful guarantee data security functions.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 418KB | Author: zhengliangcong | Hits: 118

[CA programejbca_3_1_3

Description: JAVA J2EE CA system based on the development of EJB
Platform: Java | Size: 14691KB | Author: lm19850218 | Hits: 446

[CA programsecurity

Description: Note : 1, mean there : 1.1, org.bouncycastle .* of all software development organizations is bouncycastle package 1.2, org.infosecurity .* The software includes : DES_CBC algorithm to achieve the realization of the RSA algorithm (including : key generation, public key and private key encryption decryption, digital signatures and signature verification), the realization of digital envelope using digital envelope realize document encryption, decryption. Two, what is the use of : 2.1, learning the information security cryptography design and technology. 2.2 Of course, if you think in the other parts, I feel very happy. Three, what is there for improvement : 3.1 pairs of file encryption, decryption, and the time to frequent the IO, plus a buffer, such as 10K, 50K, the only buffer is needed for
Platform: Java | Size: 208KB | Author: lm19850218 | Hits: 467

[CA programmd5_c.Rar

Description: This is my downloaded from the Internet code, please self-testing, my QQ : 15967322, and I hope we exchange! Thank you!
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3KB | Author: elseuse-2000 | Hits: 153

[CA programsigncert

Description: type "java SignCert jim.cer
Platform: Java | Size: 2KB | Author: TH_NATURE | Hits: 25

[CA programbcprov-jdk14-131src

Description: bouncycastle Java is a security provider, EJBCA call on this package.
Platform: Java | Size: 4001KB | Author: goldcooperate | Hits: 29

[CA programdigitalsignature1

Description: CA study authors wrote when he was a practicing procedures, relatively simple. Thank you!
Platform: Java | Size: 4KB | Author: tiemy24 | Hits: 59

[CA programMd5Test

Description: cases is the use of data as md5 checksum algorithm to prevent their own procedures be tampered with small examples. Some of the executable, when resources were diverted when the operation will damage the document has suggested that this is the use of calibration data. Of course, you can use the personalized, such as des as digital signatures, as higher security. See specific code and the Notes.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 50KB | Author: carlong_2002 | Hits: 59

[CA programminicadllsrc

Description: a small CA system for realizing the dynamic source, without extracting passwords.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 60KB | Author: wishman_jlm | Hits: 34

[CA program freeradius-1.0.4.tar

Description: the open source of radius which is written with c , to anthenticate the server and to authenticate counting the fee
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 2157KB | Author: Wayne0616 | Hits: 51
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