Title: LFM Download
 Description: Modulate function of the use of linear frequency modulated signal generated, this method is simple and convenient
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  • [tool1] - Matlab were short time Fourier transform
  • [nlfm_code] - nonlinear FM signals and the selection o
  • [leidafangzhen] - On the radar system simulation, linear F
  • [FMLIN] - Have a linear frequency modulated signal
  • [LFM_signal] - Linear frequency modulation wave on the
  • [LFMCW_radar_simulation] - Linear frequency modulation (LFM) pulse
  • [chirp1] - c procedures, Functions chirp () have a
  • [linsweep35M] - matlab create Radar signal waveform
  • [complete] - ECG signals generated in the matlab prog
  • [lfm] - Matlab linear FM signal generation proce
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