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 Description: 【To achieve sub-candy 】 【Rules】 for all students to circle around the teacher, each student has even block the start of candy, blowing a whistle every teacher, The hands of every student to come up with the right half of the candy to the students, of any student, after the whistle, when the hands of the sugar Odd number of pieces of fruit, the one completed by the teacher to give him (her), like this, when the hands of candy each student a number of The same, the end game. Input requirements: games testing more than one test for each game, enter the number of students N, the beginning of each The hands of a few students were the number of candies (EVEN), enter the number of students for the "0" when the end of the test . Output requirements: for each game test, the teacher output after blowing the whistle on several occasions, the number of students in the hands of the same candy, and Output on the same line and the hands of the same students are the number
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