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Description: timer control button mobile variation of the color of the object changes with time
Platform: Delphi | Size: 1KB | Author: lym1108 | Hits: 115


Description: This is an ASP.NET prepared by the Forum, very good, and we chin
Platform: CSharp | Size: 1432KB | Author: dotrai | Hits: 20


Description: in C# prepared MENU the production of software, please collections, good
Platform: CSharp | Size: 10KB | Author: dotrai | Hits: 5


Description: COptionTreeBy Matthew R. Miller An article on an easy and neat way to include options, preferences, or settings into your applications
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 335KB | Author: huangex | Hits: 4


Description: tree menu than sliding menu a little more complicated. The main difficulty lies in concise description of the data to generate the html easy manipulation of the structure. The cases used to display the menu tree prepared. The use of wireless form, the algorithm used by recursive, theoretically infinite structure of the points system sticks of trees. The proliferation of free code.
Platform: JavaScript | Size: 6KB | Author: qxj_fall | Hits: 22


Description: similar to the "resource management for" process, can view, the system of all resources
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 67KB | Author: sdkmsdn | Hits: 18


Description: else if (keyword.equals ( "MSG"))// If a keyword is MSG is transmitted from the server chatting information// major update to the client area will be chatting information for each customer chat content displayed
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 181KB | Author: kuang_san | Hits: 5


Description: use TreeView and ListView show the data bank.
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 6KB | Author: wjd1112 | Hits: 23


Description: some controls, FlatStyle graphic interface controls, delphi beginners or better quality
Platform: Delphi | Size: 45KB | Author: rainpetal | Hits: 4


Description: a tree controls, and MFC tree controls function the same, but hidden nodes can use the four indicators, insert and delete useless recursive algorithm, the novelty
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3773KB | Author: xiaoxiaols | Hits: 66


Description: vc environment using components listGrid one-color change the procedures for programming interface reference
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3KB | Author: gsxgsx2002 | Hits: 17


Description: or a treeview control completely mimic Microsoft's treeview control, but further expansion
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 96KB | Author: wangtopcool | Hits: 10
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