Title: CFAR Download
 Description: CFAR monitoring code, the simulation of the radar to play the role of de-noising, principle and the results are well aware of
  • [imagesusingwaveletdenoising.Rar] - digital image in the selection process w
  • [Matlabgui] - gui application of Matlab programming in
  • [radarsystem1] - describes the most common terms used in
  • [RADARsimulationcode] - simulated radar, the radar functional an
  • [zabo] - Lognormal distribution of the clutter cl
  • [ZMNL] - Matlab simulation of sea clutter, in the
  • [hengxujing] - This article give a radar signal detecti
  • [CA] - CA algorithm for quantitative attributes
  • [DSP] - n this paper,multiple DSPs are adopted t
  • [examples_and_figures] - Smart Antennas for Wireless Communicatio
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