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  • 2008-05-06
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 Description: /************************************************* The key note****************************** server-side 1, SocketServer, there are a type of uo_Socket_Server array Connects, realize more than connection management. 2, uo_Socket_Server example through w_1.tab_1.OpenTab () open. 3, SocketNotify for custom event pbm_custom01. 4, ue_SocketNotify for custom events. One client, very simple, not to say.************************************************** like to know more about*****************************/ number of people who can refer to Pslib21.htm. People who want in-depth study, see Socket norms. A LITTLE emotion: some examples in fact very rough, but everyone copied each other, the Forum on issues related to people ask, it issued a copy to him, and no matter it can not be used. Irritated ah! One mistake, thank you say so.
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