Title: 《网络是怎样连接的》 Download
 Description: This book, in the form of an exploration tour, starts from inputting the web address in the browser, and tracks the whole process all the way to displaying the content of the web page. With pictures and texts, it explains the whole picture of the network, and focuses on how the actual network equipment and software work. The purpose is to help readers understand the essence of the network, understand the actual equipment and software, and then skillfully use network technology. At the same time, the special column "network terms are actually very simple" is set up to introduce the etymology of some network terms in the form of dialogue, which is quite vivid and interesting. This book is well illustrated, easy to understand, very suitable for computer, network enthusiasts and related practitioners to read.
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《网络是怎样连接的》【计算机网络图解趣味版】高清彩色中文PDF.pdf 22276831 2017-05-02

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