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 Description: Flash effects - XML focus figure code company exclusive enterprise website, more new web images, switch based on Flash and XML technology to realize, adopting the processing mode of the rounded corners in addition to the thumbnail on the lower left corner of the big picture lined up, and the traditional approach of display thumbnails below visual feeling is different, specific for the company's web site, enterprise mines website design pictures show special effects.
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codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner\01.png 5604 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner\01.swf 75697 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner\02.png 6984 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner\02.swf 80212 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner\03.png 6973 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner\03.swf 90049 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\index.html 905 2011-11-05
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\main.swf 18100 2009-12-23
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\pageAd.xml 472 2015-10-21
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载\banner 0 2015-10-21
codesc.net\Flash%2Bxml焦点图代码下载 0 2015-10-21
codesc.net 0 2015-10-21

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