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 Description: Delphi realize pictures from top to bottom and turn around, to put it another way is to make the picture level also inside out and upside down, can rotate upside down, positive and negative rotation, has the function of many image processing software, look very simple, but the program code does not too complicated, and the effect is not distortion, operation, simply click on the "GO" button, can see this several rollover effect, interested can have a look at.
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codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\Project1.dpr 188 2002-07-01
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\Project1.exe 521728 2015-07-25
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\Project1.res 876 2002-12-06
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\tmp.bmp 129654 2002-07-01
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\Unit1.dcu 4814 2015-07-25
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\Unit1.dfm 301054 2002-07-01
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转\Unit1.pas 1749 2015-07-25
codesc.net\Delphi实现图像的翻转 0 2015-07-25
codesc.net 0 2015-07-25

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