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 Description: HTML 5 technology combined with Js image shuffling effect, can be applied to the picture of the App wheel effect, sliding the screen to switch images, is a relatively good webApp shuffling swipe effects, the lower right corner shows a small dot, can mark which images, graphics and the current display this effect is also called "image switching", "Js" slides, pictures wheel etc.This code is based on it technology, thus can be directly applied to the mobile terminal.
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srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\css\swipe.css 737 2014-05-10
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\images\1.jpg 191835 2012-11-09
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\images\2.jpg 224147 2012-11-09
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\images\3.jpg 174403 2012-11-09
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\index.html 1387 2016-12-23
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\js\swipe.js 12229 2013-07-05
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\js\swipe.min.js 4570 2013-09-09
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\css 0 2016-12-23
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\images 0 2016-12-23
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe\js 0 2016-12-23
srcfans.com\webApp轮播swipe 0 2016-12-23
srcfans.com 0 2016-12-23

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