Title: vbNumSound Download
 Description: VB Arab digital voice calls and implementation examples, can be a digital voice, a voice to program, you can also quote us the decimal point, but after the test found that does not support Chinese pronunciation.
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codesc.net\NumSound\Form1.frm 6404 2015-05-21
codesc.net\NumSound\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2009-02-11
codesc.net\NumSound\sound.wav 284618 2006-01-18
codesc.net\NumSound\工程1.vbp 866 2015-05-21
codesc.net\NumSound\工程1.vbw 45 2009-02-11
codesc.net\NumSound 0 2015-05-21
codesc.net 0 2015-05-21

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