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 Description: ADC design related information, including analog modulation and digital filtering and other related principles, algorithms and design implementation
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ADC 0 2021-04-06
ADC\A 20-bit 25-kHz delta-sigma A_D converter utilizing a frequency-shaped chopper stabilization scheme.pdf 63924 2021-04-01
ADC\A 5 V single-chip delta-sigma audio A_D converter with 111 dB dynamic-range.pdf 476585 2021-04-01
ADC\A 5-V Single-Chip Delta-Sigma Audio A_D Converter with 111 dB Dynamic Range -VIP.pdf 393143 2021-04-01
ADC\A 5-mW sigma-delta modulator with 84-dB dynamic range for GSM_EDGE.pdf 173138 2021-04-01
ADC\A Digitally Corrected 5-mW 2-MSs SC ADC in.pdf 2003959 2021-04-01
ADC\A Low-Voltage Fourth-Order Cascade Delta–Sigma.pdf 1536007 2021-04-01
ADC\ADS1282分析.docx 1232072 2021-04-01
ADC\Understanding delta sigma data converters.pdf 8743766 2021-04-01
ADC\_FPGA在多速率SINC滤波器中的应用.pdf 1595114 2021-04-06
ADC\_一种Sigma-Delta ADC中抽取滤波器的研究.caj 1577250 2021-04-06

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