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 Description: Delphi feature-rich database browser program source code, can make the title of the DBGrid components within the DBGrid on data on line sorting, data in the DBGrid components export to HTML files, make DBGrid1 control can automatically adjust the width of the field (data grid automatically adapt to the width), usage: use DBGrid DBGrid1DrawColumnCell event called DBGridRecordSize (Column);Then call DBGridAutoSize (DBGrid1) can, usage: DBGridToHtml (DBGrid1, Date, Table);DBGrid1 as DBGrid controls, the Date for a TSrings variables, the Table for the title of the HTML file.Exported to a file: the Date SaveToFile (FileName);The FileName to export file path and file name...
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codesc.net\Dataview\date.mdb 1286144 2004-07-08
codesc.net\Dataview\DatebaseView.cfg 450 2004-12-22
codesc.net\Dataview\DatebaseView.dof 3569 2004-12-22
codesc.net\Dataview\DatebaseView.dpr 275 2004-12-22
codesc.net\Dataview\DatebaseView.res 428 2004-12-16
codesc.net\Dataview\DBFunctions.pas 16101 2010-03-12
codesc.net\Dataview\ico.ico 318 2004-12-16
codesc.net\Dataview\Unit1.ddp 51 2004-12-24
codesc.net\Dataview\Unit1.dfm 14159 2010-03-12
codesc.net\Dataview\Unit1.pas 23238 2010-03-12
codesc.net\Dataview\万能数据库浏览器带导出到txt和html功能(ADO%2BBDE) 0 2015-11-06
codesc.net\Dataview 0 2015-11-06
codesc.net 0 2015-11-06

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