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 Description: Delphi to judge whether the user in the operation of a computer, the mouse hook the principle of production of small procedures, timely monitoring the change of the mouse, if the mouse movement, is to determine the user in the operation of a computer, if have no action, means that there is no computer operation, the principle is quite simple, code implementation is a bit too complicated, but can understand.
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codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Clear.bat 144 2005-03-14
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Hook\MsnHook.dpr 4609 2015-05-29
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Hook\MsnHook.exe 20992 2015-05-29
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Icon\Icon.RES 5000 2005-03-14
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Icon\Icon.txt 70 2005-03-14
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Icon\Leave.ico 1406 2004-06-26
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Icon\LiuMazi.ico 2998 2005-03-14
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Icon\Online.ico 318 2004-06-26
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Hook 0 2015-05-29
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑\Icon 0 2015-05-29
codesc.net\判断用户目前是否在操作电脑 0 2015-05-29
codesc.net 0 2015-05-29

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