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 Description: Dominant implementation of Js jquery drag effects, simulates the drag function of goods add to cart, shopping cart droppable used by the plug-in: UI. Base. Min. Js, UI. The draggable. Min. Js, UI. Droppable. Min. Js.Goods in the example, on the left, and right to the shopping cart, holding down the mouse drag operation on the left side of the square to the right in the shopping cart, color change, that goods have been chosen, and is added to the shopping cart.The final run effect as shown in the figure below.
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srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket\drag-ket.html 1606 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket\jquery.ui\jquery-1.2.4a.js 97625 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket\jquery.ui\ui.base.min.js 4655 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket\jquery.ui\ui.draggable.min.js 15963 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket\jquery.ui\ui.droppable.min.js 6283 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket\jquery.ui 0 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI Ket 0 2016-11-14
srcfans.com 0 2016-11-14

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