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 Description: C to Clipboard support Clipboard copy reuse for many times, is different from the ordinary Clipboard, it can copy or cut and paste for many times, at the time of paste which allow the user to select, choose a copy of the content, similar to a small Clipboard management procedures, make reasonable use of the content of the copy and paste.In general, the Windows clipboard only allow you to copy or cut and paste, which is the second copy and paste content will overwrite the contents of the first.
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srcfans.com\Java使用剪贴板的复制粘贴程序\19-1.bmp 172854 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Java使用剪贴板的复制粘贴程序\ClipboardDemo$CopyListener.class 930 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Java使用剪贴板的复制粘贴程序\ClipboardDemo$PasteListener.class 1262 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Java使用剪贴板的复制粘贴程序\ClipboardDemo.class 2114 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Java使用剪贴板的复制粘贴程序\ClipboardDemo.java 2625 2017-02-05
srcfans.com\Java使用剪贴板的复制粘贴程序 0 2017-02-05
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-05

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