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 Description: Screen Flash image switching effects, including Flash source code, can make slides, on the web page is very atmospheric, arrow can be controlled on both sides of the pictures on one piece, the next in turn switch, switch effect is very smooth, conform to the characteristics of the Flash.
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codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\autoviewer.swf 11186 2008-06-26
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\gallery.xml 1764 2008-06-26
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\images\tall.jpg 100248 2010-11-07
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\images\Thumbs.db 9728 2010-10-09
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\images\wide.jpg 172105 2010-11-07
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\index.html 1213 2014-09-15
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\swfobject.js 6916 2010-11-07
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码\images 0 2014-09-15
codesc.net\AutoViewer图片幻灯代码 0 2014-09-15
codesc.net 0 2014-09-15

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