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 Description: VB to analyze packet statistics, and use the bar chart to display, according to the warehouse group subtotal.Below is the relevant code: Private Sub Command1_Click () Adodc1. RecordSource = "select warehouse and inventory quantity from now (select sum (inventory) as now the inventory quantity, warehouse from tb_kc group by warehouse)" Adodc1. Refresh the Set MSChart1. The DataSource = Adodc1 End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click () the End End Sub Private Sub Form_Load () Adodc1. The ConnectionString = "Provider = Microsoft. Jet. The OLEDB. 4.0.Data Source = "App. Path" db_medicine. MDB.Persist Security Info = False "End Sub
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srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析\db_medicine.mdb 823296 2006-07-05
srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析\Form1.frm 3339 2006-07-05
srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析\Form1.frx 9060 2006-07-05
srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2006-07-05
srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析\工程1.vbp 1116 2006-07-05
srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析\工程1.vbw 49 2017-02-11
srcfans.com\对分组统计数据进行分析 0 2017-02-09
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-11

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