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 Description: HTML 5 CSS 3 transparent tape sticky label effect, translucent effects, demonstrates the two pieces of paper and paste together, the effect of simulated the effect of the adhesive paste, paste part have transparent effect, ha ha, this may be with transparent adhesive.Without using any image to CSS 3 effect.
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srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果\css\normalize.css 7345 2014-02-19
srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果\css\style.css 2340 2014-02-19
srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果\index.html 1251 2017-05-17
srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果\scss\style.scss 2313 2014-02-19
srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果\css 0 2014-03-19
srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果\scss 0 2014-03-19
srcfans.com\CSS3实现无图片粘粘的标签效果 0 2017-05-17
srcfans.com 0 2017-05-17

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