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 Description: Delphi source code, serial debugging tools interface imitation Vista style, convenient to COM a serial port debug a small tool, can set the baud rate, serial number, send the test data, such as hex to send data, automatically send data, you can also choose to send the file to test.Very practical serial debugging tools.
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codesc.net\串口工具\Project1.cfg 386 2007-03-16
codesc.net\串口工具\Project1.dof 1494 2007-03-16
codesc.net\串口工具\Project1.dpr 191 2007-03-15
codesc.net\串口工具\Project1.res 1564 2007-03-16
codesc.net\串口工具\Unit1.dcu 27634 2007-09-24
codesc.net\串口工具\Unit1.ddp 51 2007-09-24
codesc.net\串口工具\Unit1.dfm 171673 2007-09-24
codesc.net\串口工具\Unit1.pas 20182 2007-09-24
codesc.net\串口工具 0 2014-09-08
codesc.net 0 2014-09-08

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