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 Description: VB6.0 by use modified EXE file icon, is to modify the icon is not modified EXE files, only the EXE contained within to modify the icon, a custom character EXE program icon, operation time, choose the address you want to change the EXE file, then select an icon file you have prepared, click "modify" icon, the original EXE file icon was modified icon of your choice.
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codesc.net\图标EXE更改\Form1.frm 1958 2015-11-16
codesc.net\图标EXE更改\Module2.bas 12703 2015-11-16
codesc.net\图标EXE更改\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2009-05-03
codesc.net\图标EXE更改\修改图标.bas 4123 2015-11-16
codesc.net\图标EXE更改\工程1.vbp 694 2009-05-26
codesc.net\图标EXE更改\工程1.vbw 114 2009-05-26
codesc.net\图标EXE更改 0 2015-11-16
codesc.net 0 2015-11-16

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